FAQ About Database

Q. I need banking or credit card data. do you provide that?
A. No we do not provide banking or credit card related database. We only provide B2B / B2C Data which is available in public domain.

Q. Do you provide verified data?
A. No. Please note our company or anyone else in this business, can not verify all the databases. Cost of verifying database is quit high and no body will pay for that cost. From our end we always purchase data through reputed vendors and make sure it is new and fresh.

Q. Is your database genuine?
A. Yes it is genuine. Please note we have sourced it from multiple vendors and it is not possible to create false data in such high quantity. Please download sample and check it before purchase.

Q. Do you provide DND Filtered Contact numbers?
A. No DND filtration will be done by you. Our data is without DND Filteration.

Q. What will be accuracy?
A. We try our best to provide you accurate database but due to nature of this product we can not give any assurance on accuracy.

Q. Will you provide us any other database as per our requirement?
A. Sorry, but at present we are not doing any customization of data. You have to choose from the data categories available with us.

Q. From one category I need some specific state or city data. is it possible?
A. You have to purchase complete category as for us it is not possible to separate state or city wise data. Data is in Excel format so you can easily segregate as per your liking.

Q. What other discount you offer?
A. Sorry prices are already very low. SO NO DISCOUNT.

Q. Can you visit our office?
A. Yes, only if it is in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We do not have representative in other cities. But again please go through database sample.

Q. Why don't you have any representative in my city?
A. Database industry is always one man show as we deal with digital product which can be copied. I hope you will understand that we can not give databases to other person as next day he or she will open his or her own database business.

Q. I have made Payment but still not received the data?
A. In case of NEFT Bank transfer, once payment is confirmed in our account we will send download link to your email id within 3-4 hours.

In case of online payment we will send download link to your email id within 2 hours. Please note our working timings are 10 AM to 8 PM.
If purchase is made after 8PM we will send download link next day.

Q. Are you giving any money back guarantee?
A. No. As we are dealing in digital product there is no refund / money back whatsoever. Every order is final with no room for refund request. check sample before purchase.

Q. I have other questions. How can I contact you?
A. Please visit our contact us page


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